Free tools you’ll need to run your Social media business page

Running your business page on social media by yourself can be quite a challenge. As a start-up business, you’ll most often need to wear all the hats in the beginning and that is fine, really. You just need one or two tips to help you do the job better and more efficiently.

I’ll be sharing the tools you’ll need to give you more time, keep your social media page going, automate some stuff and give you more efficiency in managing your page yourself.



This one’s my favorite. You can plan and schedule your posts ahead of time. You can find it in your Facebook creative studio. The best part is, it is free. yayyyyy !!!.

You’ll need this if your business page is on Instagram, Facebook, or both.


     2. CANVA

Canva is my holy grail. Like, I sleep and wake up every day in Canva. All my graphics, designs are done in Canva. Now, Canva has a free version and a pro version. With the free version, you have access to amazing templates you can create a lot of designs with. With the pro version, you can have access to even more amazing features like the remove background tool and more templates. But as a start-up, the free version should do just fine.



This is where I get all the free stock photos I need for my designs. Understand that social media is all about visuals, so if you do not have very crisp and clear pictures to convey your messages with, check out Unsplash and Pexel, they have tonnes of pictures and videos you’ll ever need.



I plan my content calendar here. With google sheets, it’s easier for me to map out my content following my content strategy. I put in my captions, hashtags, images, and spread them across the time I’m planning it out for. This helps me have a better visualization of how they will come one after the other. After this, I automate the content for posting using Facebook’s creative studio.



Facebook and Instagram stories bring in a lot of traffic and I recommend one should cash in on the traffic it can bring by being very creative with it. I use instories to create visually appealing and interactive stories. I also use it to create content for reels. It has some really good templates and you can also build from scratch if you’re super creative.


There are thousands of tools one can use to manage a social media page and I have just shared with you the basic tools you will need to start up. Are you already using some of them? Which one is your favorite and what is your experience with it?. If the one you’re using is not here, please tell me in the comment section what tool that is. I’m curious to know.


Try them out !!!


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