How it all began

My Journey as a Social Media Strategist


Working a 9-5 can be rewarding as a social media professional, but  I just wanted more. I wanted to be in control of my time, expand my boundaries, help grow more businesses, etc. Yes, yes, that is the official reason, but the unofficial reason is….. I wanted out; out of the system that took more than the compensation you’d get. I wanted to flex all my creative muscles and show my authentic self in places where my creativity and skill will become a part of something BIG.

Social media strategist in Nigeria
Social media strategist in Nigeria
Social media strategist in Nigeria

Hi, I'm Bunwa

A full stack Digital marketing Expert and A tip-top Social Media Strategist.

I started off as a social media personnel in 2018, I worked for organizations and companies as their in-house social media personnel until 2021 when I decided it was time to go forth and preach the gospel using my skills and over 3 years of experience in the field as a tool.

I started off freelancing as a Coach. I coached business owners on how to handle their business pages, then I realized how truly complicated understanding and implementing social media strategies can be for certain people. This realization birthed the services part of my business.

One of the campaigns I ran for a brand on Instagram alone made over 8-figures and we had over +9000 in reach and so much more….

I am still in the business of breaking records for businesses on Instagram, yours could be next.

I'm Super Woman

My Super power is creating Powerful Social Media Strategies & Content for your business

Everyone has a dream, a desire of how they want their businesses to be on social media, heights they want it to attain, figures they want it to pull, the perception they want it to create, and the growth they want it to bring into their businesses. My job as your social media strategist is to capture that picture from your soul (possibly from your business brief, lol), and bring it all to life, while also relieving you from the tedious task of handling your social media page. Now, you have more time on your hands to be more productive elsewhere. Maybe you can stop putting off that vacation you’ve been planning forever, go now, you have the time.

My Values

I Believe In

Giving it my 100%. Be it sleepless nights, countless research, and all, I’m in. Either a 100% or I don’t attempt it at all. I also believe the magnificence of the complete picture lies in the smallest of details, so I pay attention, even to the tiniest detail.

Passion for Results

RESULTS… that is proof that my stuff works. I always want to get the desired results my clients want. I do all it takes. I create a report to help you visualise the progress and how I have been able to move your brand from point A to B. I am nothing without results.

Constantly Improving

One time, I told my client a hashtag trick that most creators didn’t know. I found this out after conducting several tests and research. This was in 2019. Guess when that hashtag trick came to light? 2021, a whole 3 years after my discovery, amaze balls.

Am I the right fit for you?

My Social media tips could be all your business needs.

Social Media strategist in Nigeria

The rave about my services


“If she handles your business pages, be rest assured you’re making sales back to back. The only thing is, hope you can meet the demands of your customers because they will flow in like troubled waters”.

Let's grow your business together on Instagram

Instagram offers a lot of opportunities for businesses and brands. As of  June 2022, 4.62 billion (58.4% of the world’s population) people use Social Media worldwide. Out of this population, Instagram has a staggering 1.478 billion users. Now, more than ever is time to use Instagram as a strong Marketing tool for your business. 

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